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Rand Bishop: songwriter/author/music producer/songwriting coach

Rand Bishop began his show-biz career as a recording artist for a series of major labels. More than 40 years hence, as a Grammy-nominated, BMI Award-winning, Million-play songwriter, Bishop now counts close to 250 diverse credits: from the Beach Boys to Toby Keith, Heart to Indigo Girls. Along the way, he rocked stages across North America, sang on countless sessions as a studio vocalist, produced dozens of records and film soundtracks, and spent years as a talent development executive and music publisher. If those accomplishments weren’t more than enough, Bishop is an author, award-winning screenwriter, produced playwright, esteemed songwriting coach, and an in-demand speaker. At the end of the day, Bishop refers to himself simply as “a writer.”

A personal statement from Rand Bishop:

Rupert Holmes once chalked up his Renaissance-man career this way: “I love always being a novice at something.” That statement really resonates with me. As Mr. Holmes has touched success as a songwriter, novelist, TV writer/producer, as well as a Tony-winning composer/librettist/playwright, this modern-day Peter Ustinov has actualized the very life I’ve been striving for, since I first donned a coonskin cap and warbled “Davey, Davey Crockett, king of the wild frontier” for my kindergarten class in Lake Grove, Oregon.

I was raised to believe that I could succeed at anything I applied my talents, passions and energies to accomplishing. Thus, I’ve seldom shied away from expanding my creative world, delving wholeheartedly into any venture that stirred me at gut-level and inspired me with wild and vivid imaginings.

Fortunately, I was bestowed with some talent, a decent work ethic, the freedom to create, and the tools to do the job. That I have thrived while expressing my own, unique twist on the human condition is a blessing beyond measure. Living a creative life is not only a privilege I will never take for granted; it is a calling I must not ignore. One’s gifts and inspirations are not to be squandered or ignored. To do so would be an insult to the Creator who doles out such magical stuff.

Grand Pop,
A Memoir by Keefe Taylor
as told to Rand Bishop

Makin' Stuff Up,
secrets of song-craft and
survival in the music-biz

The Absolute Essentials
of Songwriting Success,
Song Dog to Top Dog


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