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The Feedback Loop is the most essential song-craft-mentoring feature of

You must be a member to submit songs for Feedback Loop evaluation and personal coaching.

VIP membership is $25 per month. All VIPs are entitled to one song-evaluation/coaching-session per month from Rand plus the following discounts: Re-writes at $15 per submission (limit, 2 re-write discounts per song). Additional submissions within a single month are $20, rewrites on additional submissions, $15. (Or VIPs also have the option of waiting until the following month to re-submit a rewrite as their entitled submission for that month.) 
Regular members can submit their material on a song-by-song basis. Each initial submission is $25. Rewrites are $20 (limit, 2 rewrite discounts per song).

How your submissions are evaluated:

We encourage you to submit well-recorded, audible “work-tapes.” Guitar/vocal or keyboard/vocal. It’s not advisable to invest a lot of time and money in a fully produced demo until you’ve sought out the constructive feedback that ensures your song is as good as it can be — air-tight and marketable.

Each submission is evaluated in three specific ways:

First, your song is awarded a point score (up to 60), based on the tenets of the book, Makin’ Stuff Up. In order for you to fully understand the criterion for your point score, it’s helpful for you to be familiar with the book.

Secondly, Rand will point out where and how your song submission is succeeding creatively and commercially.

Thirdly, your composition will receive some tough love. Rand will inform you as to where your work is falling short, and, whenever possible, will give you pointers on what you might try to improve the composition in a re-write.

All submissions compete for a coveted slot on the Feedback Loop Top 10. (Submissions limited to a maximum of 90 days on the FBL Top 10 chart.)


Private consultations are available.
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Send one MP3 only, as an email attachment to

Place the song title on the subject line.
Paste your song’s lyric to the text of the email. (please do NOT attach word documents)

In order to improve the evaluation process, please explain briefly what your intent is in composing each submitted song. Do you intend to pitch the song to established artists? If so, in what genre? Is this a song for you to perform as an artist? If so, what audience are you targeting? Is this song for a film or TV series, a musical, a wedding or for some other custom use? Or, are you writing this song purely for self-expression?

Please allow 10 business days for a response via email.

Thanks for using The Feedback Loop to improve your song-craft. My goal is to help you become the best songwriter you can be — one song at a time.



I acknowledge that the music and lyrics I am submitting are my own original work, and that I have the right to submit this work for critique. I also acknowledge that Rand Bishop and some of the certified song coaches are professional songwriters, and thus copyright creators and owners. Any similarity between my original compositions and any songs composed by Rand Bishop or any certified coach either presently in existence or created in the future is purely coincidental. I hereby surrender and forego my right to sue Rand Bishop or any employee for copyright infringement in a court of law. Any copyright dispute arising between Rand Bishop or any employee and myself as a submitting copyright owner will be settled through binding arbitration in the state of Tennessee, under Tennessee laws, with all expenses paid by the losing party.

By my making submissions to the Feedback Loop, I acknowledge my agreement to the above Legal Disclaimer.


By my making submissions to the Feedback Loop, I acknowledge my agreement to the
Legal Disclaimer below


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