"Rand Bishop knows the creative and business side of songwriting and the music industry. Aspiring professional songwriters should pay attention because he has outlined the steps you must take on your chosen career path."

-- Bart Herbison, Executive Director, Nashville Songwriters Association International

"It's a wonderful thing to be a hit songwriter but even more wonderful to be a teacher who can pass along his valuable hard-earned wisdom in an easily understandable, entertaining way. Rand is exceptional on both counts."

-- John Braheny, author: The Craft and Business of Songwriting.

“...A master class in songwriting, Rand Bishop’s Makin’ Stuff Up is a must read for anyone who aspires to a career making music.”

(Grammy-winning lyricist,inductee – Songwriters Hall of Fame)

“Rand brings a much-needed sense of humor to the craft of songwriting and his own career in the music industry. The book is more than educational; it is fun and entertaining.”

(The Turtles, Assistant Professor of Entertainment and Music Business, Belmont University)

“Raw experience, street-worthy advice, and accurate instruction sent from the heart of it all. A joyful documentary from an individual who has been paying attention to the rhythm of our culture. ”

(Hit songwriter, former GM RCA Label Group, 3 term president NSAI, past President and Chairman of the CMA)

“LISTEN UP SONGWRITERS! Rand Bishop has maneuvered the minefields of the music bizness on his way to the mountain of hits. Learn from his honest and heartfelt view from the front lines.”

(co-writer of five Garth Brooks #1s)


"A freewheeling rock memoir told by an idol who shamelessly reveals the passions and the pitfalls of stardom.”

-- Mr. Bonzai, author/photographer: MUSIC smarts (Berklee Press, 2009); FACES of MUSIC (Cengage, 2006)

“What fun! I see myself in it.”

-- Peter Noone (Yes, “Herman” of Herman’s Hermits!)

“Grand Pop is like Spinal Tap meets Running With Scissors. Bishop weaves this compelling tale with a mastery of the language and a spot-on sense of humor.”

-- Kip Winger (Winger)

“Keefe Taylor ages like rock ’n‘ roll itself: Confusedly, hilariously, sometimes wretchedly, and ultimately triumphantly. Grand Pop is grand fun.”

-- Peter Cooper, Senior Music Writer, The Tennessean


grndpopcoverwebGrand Pop, A Memoir by Keefe Taylor as told to Rand Bishop

(Eloquent Books, 2010)

Keefe Taylor, charismatic, fictional frontman for the legendary, multi-platinum hard-rock band, King Pest, has survived alcoholism, drug addiction, tabloid-covered arrests, a publicly humiliating divorce, near financial ruin, and recovery. Yet, after all that, he uses the pages of this wry mock-memoir to recount what HE considers to be the most-traumatic period of his life: the year in which he turns the heavy-metal calendar page of 50 and (Heaven forbid!) becomes a grandfather. A clever skewing of the trendy, celebrity-memoir genre, this laugh-out-loud funny, and oft-times poignant novel delves into aging in a youth-obsessed culture, fame, addiction, sobriety, depression, and the insatiable, unscrupulous media. Will a spoiled, infantile, middle-aged rocker stumble his way to personal redemption? Can the arrival of his first grandchild force Keefe Taylor to rediscover friendship, family, and love? You’ll discover the answers to these provocative queries – and so many more – between the covers of Rand Bishop’s first book of fiction, Grand Pop.

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MSUcoverweb2Makin’ Stuff Up, secrets of song-craft
and survival in the music-biz

Two; two; two books in one: “A Songwriting Course Wrapped in a Memoir.” First, Makin’ Stuff Up enumerates the do’s and don’ts of song craft by inviting the reader into the actual decision-making process that leads to a solidly written pop song. Then, alternative chapters comprise a confessional, sometimes riotous autobiography, by an industry vet who has been there/done that, while collecting the scars, the royalty checks, and the awards to prove it. With vast, varied, and matchless music-industry experience — as a major-label recording artist, record producer, A&R exec, music publisher, and song-craft coach — Rand Bishop is capable of empathizing with the passions of the aspiring songwriter, while providing roots and structure to those wild musings. Real-life anecdotes feature a luminous supporting cast (including Clive Davis, Brian Wilson, Sylvester Stallone, Glenn Frey, and Karen Carpenter) making this book not only an education in song craft, but a wildly amusing and revealing ride behind the platinum curtain of the music biz.

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AbEsscoverweb2The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success,
Song Dog to Top Dog

(Alfred Publishing, 2010)

Your greatest desire is for your original songs to be recorded, released, broadcast over the airwaves, and blasted from movie-theater speakers. You long to see your compositions topping the charts, achieving multi-platinum certification, and garnering awards. But, do you have a realistic plan to make this dream your reality? Author and hit tunesmith Rand Bishop draws from 40 years of on-the-job experience, while visiting with some of the most-honored pop-song crafters of the last five decades to unveil a long-term strategy for building a career composing hit songs. The lessons, essays, quotations, and profiles in this book reveal how you, too, can go from Song Dog to Top Dog. Now, at last, as you set out on your quest to reach the rarified air of Hit Mountain, you have a roadmap to follow. And though numerous paths might lead you to that vaunted peak, all of the basic necessities for your journey are revealed here: in The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success.

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"Mr. Bishop has a way with words that could make dolphins dance the Foxtrot.”
– infamous music-biz author/photographer, Mr. Bonzai