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NSAI SongPosium 2011 Rand Bishop conducts three, unique classes at 2011 SongPosium: "Writing Songs from an Artist's POV," "Songs as Mini-Movies," and "Using Phrasing as a Hook."

Rand Scores TV and Film Consultant Deal for Grand Pop.

Rand has signed an agreement with former William Morris agent in charge of television packaging, Carey Nelson Burch, dba My Own Shingle, to represent the novel/mock-memoir Grand Pop. The goal is to package Grand Pop as a TV series or feature film. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting development. And get in on the ground floor of the Grand Pop explosion by ordering a copy of this hilarious and poignant fictional account of a Peter Pan rock superstar turning 50 and becoming a grandfather. Available now on our products page or at

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Rand Bishop inks pact with Alfred Publishing

8 Months of Negotiations result in contracts

Photo Flash back to February, 2009. Rand received an email out of the blue. It was from music-biz book guru, Mike Lawson, who was inquiring as to why Rand was releasing his book, "Makin' Stuff Up, secrets of song-craft and survival in the music-biz," in e-book format. (At the time, Lawson was unaware that Rand's book had already been published in paperback.)

Lawson, founder of Mix Magazine's book division, then the man at Hal Leonard, had just begun his tenure at Alfred Publishing. After acquiring Warner Books, Alfred had risen to the #2 spot as a publisher of music portfolios. But they fell far behind #1 Hal Leonard in their line of technical, trade, and craft publications. Lawson was drafted on board to cure that shortfall. After reading "Makin' Stuff Up," Lawson proposed a distribution deal for the remaining inventory, with an option for Alfred to publish a second edition. This kind of arrangement, he explained, is very unusual, in that publishers seldom agree to distribute a single title.

After 8 months of on-and-off negotiations, the deal is finally done. And, not only will Alfred be putting "Makin' Stuff Up" on the shelves of stores like Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Guitar Center, they've signed Rand to write a new book that he plans to call "The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success."

"The new book is less about craft and more about strategy," Rand explains. "I've found that most writers go about their careers with either the wrong strategy, or no strategy at all." Based on one of Rand's most successful workshops, the new book will spell out a long-term, step-by-step plan to help every burgeoning songwriter become the best writer they can be and give their songs the best opportunity to find exposure and success.

More about when "Makin' Stuff Up" will hit the book shelves, as well as news about progress on "The Absolute Essentials" in the near future.

Rand Bishop tapes TV's "Words and Music"

Popular, intimate songwriting-themed show hosted by veteran entertainment correspondent, Harry Chapman

Photo Tennessee viewers, tune in to view and listen to Rand and his "brother from another mother," Rhean Boyer (lead singer of Carolina Rain) as the two tunesmiths field questions from host Chapman and each render a couple of original numbers.

Air dates: April 11th and 25th at 3:00 AM and 11:00 PM, 12th and 26th at 3:00 AM and 4:00 PM, 15th and 29th at 12:30 PM. WTVF, Nashville, Channel 5.

Audio Nashville Podcast Now Posted

Click image to listen and/or download Rand's April 4th interview with Audio Nashville's Dave McDonald at NSAI's Spring Training.

Photo Dave queries Rand on key stories and songwriting tips from his book, Makin' Stuff Up, making for a lively and informative conversation.

Feature Article in Country Weekly

Issue hits newstands on April 13th.

Bob Paxman's "Survivor Sagas" features Rand Bishop and the book, "Makin' Stuff Up, secrets of song-craft and survival in the music-biz." On page 34. Don't miss it!

Rand Bishop YouTube Channel

"Thanks professor. This is the real School of Rock and more. You're looking a picture of dignity and your advice is helpful for keeping ours. Five Stars."

- YouTuber Yogione

Don't miss the series... The Five Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success (Reader's Digest nuggets of wisdom from a veteran of 4 decades in the music-biz trenches). Just go to and search Rand Bishop to view vids -- new material every week.


"It was an absolute blast!" says Rand, of the January 9th taping."CC and Cynthia really got my book and my sense of humor. We rocked!"

On the show, Rand tells war stories from his book, Makin' Stuff Up, including the infamous 1977 dissing of Clive Davis. He also renders a rare performance of a power ballad from his last major label artist endeavor, 1983's "When the Calm Becomes the Storm."

Also featured on the podcast are two of Rand's favorite young developing artist/collaborators, Hailey Stout and Justyna Kelley, as well as Rand's daughter, Glendyn, who pitches in on harmonies.

FirePit Friday A click on the fire image will take you to the Fireside Friday website. Then click "The Podcast" to check out Rand's episode. Or you can download the 30 minute show on iTunes.

Fireside Friday is a platform for artists to voice their opinions and thoughts on all aspects of art and the entertainment industry, a creative melting pot offering tips, tricks and experiences for your listening enjoyment.

The Rand Bishop Makin' Stuff Up Itinerary

Lots of dates to plan for:

Feb.20, 7PM, Bongo Java After Hours Theatre, 2007 Belmont Blvd, Nashville.

"Makin' Stuff Up Live - tales and tunes from the front lines of the music-biz." 90 min. of readings, stories and songs w/Q&A and book signing to follow.

Reservations recommended: 615-385-1188, or email

Feb. 23-24, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Songwriting workshops and panel on Fair Use.

Feb. 26, 1PM, BMI, Nashville Studies Class from SOI Carbondale.

March 12, 6-9PM at Nashville Palace, hosted by James Breedwell and Nashville Music Group, "Rand Bishop and Friends" Live in the round w/ Hailey Stout, Justyna Kelley and Glendyn Bishop.

March 28-29, Memphis, Center for Southern Folklore, ProMusicU weekend intensive, workshops on songwriting, one-on-one coaching and consultation. Go to for info.

Rand Stays Up Late for Radio Interview

Montreal and Toronto night owls catch Rand's middle-of-the-night interview 12/18/08 with CJAD & CFRB talk radio personality, Peter Anthony Holder (pictured here).

Photo Fueled on a half-dozen chocolate covered espresso "buzz beans," Rand stayed up well past his bedtime to answer questions about his book, Makin' Stuff Up, and his sordid rock 'n' roll history. An MP3 will be available soon of the 1AM segment.

Rand joins judges' panel for Great American Song Contest

Prestigious fellow jurors include such big brains of songcraft as Pat Pattison, John Breheny, Pete Anderson, Harriet Schock, Steve Seskin, and Pat and Pete Luboff.

Great American Song Contest The Great American Song Contest... "Empowering songwriters with information, industry access and opportunity..."



With so many options available for having your songs critiqued, why do we choose Rand Bishop? Because he's the best. You could have a group of your fellow songwriters critique your song, and that would be free. So why pay? Because being a great songwriter doesn't necessarily mean you're a great critiquer. Rand is both.

He's thorough, he's organized in his approach, and he makes suggestions that improve our songs -- every time. He gets down to the nitpicking level sometimes, but only if it's something that will improve the song. One seemingly small thing can sometimes make a song cuttable. You'll get a detailed list of how he ranks the various elements of your song, and we think you'll agree with just about all of it. He's a great critiquer and a great guy. We enjoy working with Rand.

Harry and Frances Date
TSAI Directors of Public Relations
Silk and Denim Music

"When I saw my "name up in lights", with my #10 rating, I fell off of my chair. Your evaluations and your wonderful book have so fortified my writing and confidence."

- Lyricist and VIP member, Jim Waxenberg, Phoenix, AZ

I just this minute finished reading your book and wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed it. Excellent book; great advice. I will be recommending it to songwriter friends.

- Tanya Touchstone

"Rand Bishop has mastered the art of songwriting. As a new writer myself, I have been able to learn how to structure a song and make every line count. Thank God for Rand and his willingness to share his secrets of songcrafting with new, young artist writers such as myself."

- Matt Kennon, singer/songwriter/recording artist, Stoudavarious Records

I just wanted to stop in my reading and take this opportunity to thank you for writing your experiences down. My understanding of the whole process of songwriting has increased more than with any other instructional book I've read. I may even be able to understand the other books better because of yours. Not only that, it's pretty freakin' entertaining as well. Thanks again.

- Patti Higgins

"Rand pushes you to be a better artist, to think outside the box. Whether helping a developing artist or working with his daughter's high school choir, he has a true passion for his craft. The music comes naturally."

Hailey Stout, singer/songwriter

"If you have ever aspired to write a song that changed the world, or if you are the slightest bit curious about what it might take to accomplish that feat, Makin' Stuff Up by Rand Bishop is a great place to start your journey. This propels the reader forward like a good road trip and will teach you plenty along the way."

Parker MacDonell/Six String Concerts Troubadour Newsletter, Jan. 2009

"You shed a lot of human light on a too often inhumane process. I appreciate the way you show people the nuts and bolts, and then also recognize the exceptions. You gave some clarity and form to impressions which I already had to some extent, and gave a lot of useful information about how to take it further. Thank you."

Ray Baisden, VIP Member

"Rand Bishop is truly a "mad scientist" of song-crafting, and I've had the the great pleasure of working with and learning from him throughout my formative years as a young song-writer. I can always entrust my best and most fruitful [song] ideas to him in co-writing, and he continues to inspire and amaze me to this day."

Justyna Kelley, singer/songwriter

Absolute Essentials Now Available

"Bishop's new songwriting book reads like a good John Grisham novel - quickly. It's hard to put down because it contains so many nuggets of wisdom and insider knowledge, and never gets bogged down in long-winded theorizing or regurgitated facts. These stories and insights come from a fellow who has earned his stripes."

Douglas Waterman, American Songwriter Magazine

Photo "Rand Bishop knows the creative and business sides of songwriting and the music industry. Aspiring songwriters should pay attention because he has outlined the steps you must take on your chosen career path."
-- Bart Herbison, Executive Director, Nashville Songwriters Association International

Summer/Fall Rand Bishop Appearances:

Sunday, June 20, 11am, Nashville Center For Spiritual Living, Featured Music Performer,6705 Charlotte Pike
Nashville TN 37209

Thursday, June 24, 1:15pm, Panel, Business of the Song, Western Writers Association Convention, Crown Plaza Hotel, Knoxville, TN

NSAI's Songposium, Three Workshops:

Rand Bishop conducts workshop Tues., Sept 21, 1:30pm, Producing Incredible Demos; 3:30pm, How Songs Get Cut - the REAL TRUTH
Wed., Sept 22, 11am, Strategic Songwriting
Musicians Union Local 257, 11 Music Circle N.

First Quarter 2010 Events

Rand Bishop Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Performances

Thurs, Feb 18th, Visiting Professor -- Belmont University Songwriting Classes

Sunday, Feb 21st, 11am, Featured Performer, Old Hickory Unity Church For Positive Living

Monday, Feb 22nd, 11:30am, Featured speaker, Indie Connect Networking Luncheon, Corky's Ribs, Brentwood, TN

Thurs, March 4th, 3:30pm, Featured speaker, Indie Connect Virtual Onlin Networking Meeting (go to for details)

Three consecutive Saturdays, March 13/20/27, 12 Choices To Solid Song-craft, virtual online workshop. Limit, 14 participants. Details to come.

Makin' Stuff Up E-Book Available Now!

Just $12.95, No Tax, No Shipping

Photo If you prefer to have a PDF file and read on your computer screen; if you can't wait for the postman to bring you a hard copy; or if your bookshelf is already stuffed with volumes gathering dust, this is your lucky day. Go to the products page, order your E-book for $12.95 and own your electronic copy of this essential "songwriting course wrapped in a memoir" in minutes!

The Last "Five Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success"

Rand shares success tips with attendees of the Songfest at Loretta Lynn's Ranch

October 4th was the final (for now) presentation of Rand's workshop, "The Five Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success."

Attendees of Nashville Songwriter's Festival's Songfest at Loretta Lynn's ranch were treated to Rand's career insights that, if conscientiously applied, could provide the keys to the kingdom.

"As I've just signed a deal with Alfred Publishing to write a book based on this workshop," Rand explains, "I'm gonna put it on ice until the book comes out."

"I'm into Makin' Stuff Up" T-shirt goes to the writer of the first #1 song on the Feedback Loop Top-10

Join Now and get your songs in for consideration.

All VIP members are eligible to chart songs on the inaugural Feedback Loop Top-10 - prominently displayed on the home page. VIP members, get to work! Record a work tape of your latest masterpiece-in-progress, go to the Feedback Loop page and follow the submission instructions now. You could find your song in the Top-10 when it debuts on Monday, January 5th.

Good luck! We can't wait to hear your newest burgeoning hit and help you write the best song you can write.

Makin' Stuff Up at LA Women in Music

Performer/lyricist extraordinaire Lisa-Catherine Cohen introduced Rand's new book to a packed house at the LAWiM December Soiree December 10th.


Makin' Stuff Up goes Retail!

Rand Bishop's essential "songwriting course wrapped in a memoir" is now available at Davis Kidd Booksellers at the Green Hills Mall and at the Nashville Center For Spiritual Living bookstore.

Nashvillians, save on shipping costs. Pick up Makin' Stuff Up (secrets of song-craft and survival in the music-biz) at Davis Kidd or NCSL. This book makes an ideal gift for the compulsive creative soul or memoir enthusiast on your list.

Makin' Stuff Up at LA Women in Music

Performer/lyricist extraordinaire Lisa-Catherine Cohen introduced Rand's new book to a packed house at the LAWiM December Soiree December 10th.